Who Are The Witches in Helios Sphere?

Author Ella Duvivier in exceptional witchy form 
Photo credit: Anna
Author Ella Duvivier in exceptional witchy form
Photo credit: Anna Anderton Art

We’re no strangers to witches in deepest, darkest Lancashire so we asked author Ella Duvivier to shine some light on the witches in her new book Helios Sphere…

The Gods and the Witches are the prominent supernatural forces in my book. There are two known witch families in the narrative: 

1 Heliotrope: 

The Heliotrope family are the last standing from the diluted bloodline that runs from the original Priests and Priestesses of Helios.  These Priests and Priestesses formed the Cult of Helios.  This cult’s main objective is to track remnants of Helios mythology throughout the world for use at the Temple.  

They are skilled thieves and brilliant at the social politics required to gain traction in situations which would be advantageous in the world of antiques acquisition.  They have good standing in the world and a business name Apollo Helios Acquisition with London based headquarters.   Sarah Jayne is CEO of this organisation and the Head or High Priestess.  Her daughter is Amber – a thief working within the cult.   

They are known to the Poinsettias, and know of the Poinsettias.  It is not known how their powers manifest but they’re believed to share the same strengths and weaknesses as any watered down Sun magic.  

2 Poinsettia:  

The Poinsettias are another witch family.  They have an odd-looking house in a crescent in Bristol.  Their powers are an amplified version of their own actual human talents.  They are descendants of Medea.   

Fran, the previous head of the family, is a deceased famous author on all things pagan.  She is also Ben’s mum; he is the hero of our story.  Fran leaves Ben an inheritance so large no one even knows what it the amount is.  This legacy is sought after by all remaining Poinsettia’s desperate to get a piece of it and her history.  It is looked after by the family lawyer known only as Oz.  It is not known where Fran has passed on to in the after-life.  

The Helios Sphere on display in the Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece.
The Helios Sphere on display in the Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece.

To provide any more information on the Witches of Helios Sphere would be difficult as it would involve spoilers.  Just know that they are descendants of Gods and Goddesses.  They’re powerful in their own right. Not to be trifled with.  And they are starting to re-write the balance of the old ways.  Will the Gods cope with their meddling? 

Meet the author Ella Duvivier at her Helios Sphere Book Launch, at The Gryphon, Bristol 7pm on Monday 24th June 2019.

Find out more in Helios Sphere published by Scott Martin Productions

Helios Sphere - Where the Runner is the Hero!
Helios Sphere – Where the Runner is the Hero!

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